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Glitch Star | Jun Ong
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Glitch Star | Jun Ong

The architect and artist Jun Ong based in Kuala Lumpur,  has embedded a five-story lighting installation within the structure of an unfinished building in the Malaysian town of Butterworth. Inspired by the notion of “glitch,” a dodecahedron star is composed of 500-metres of steel and LED cables. The installation appears almost as an error or a temporary irregularity, suddenly finding itself lodged within the concrete superstructure.

Images credit: Jun Ong

jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_03 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_04 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_05 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_06 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_07ù jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_08 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_09 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_10 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_01 jun-ongs-five-storey-star-installation_FeelDesain_02


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