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Pentagram has removed Mastercard’s name from its logo

Pentagram has removed Mastercard’s name from its logo, meaning the credit card company will now use only the red and yellow intersecting circles as its brand mark on cards and at physical and digital retail payment points. The distinctive overlapping circles logo will remain the same, but the all-lower case FF Mark typeface company name beneath…

Miriam Jacobi and Lucas Hesse translate symbiosis using visual processes

Miriam Jacobi and Lucas Hesse translate symbiosis using visual processes for a recent project. If you’re a little lost, symbiosis is “a close interaction between two different biological organisms” and the ideal route of visualising this scientific subject saw the duo utilise both illustration and typographic messaging. They began by…

Jesper Eriksson transforms material, making marble from coal

Jesper Eriksson transforms material, making marble from coal. The London-based artist has created furniture as well as a series of other material applications using coal. In his installation “Coal: post-fuel” the designer explores a speculative future of the sedimentary rock whilst considering whether this cheap and dirty fossil fuel has a more complex emotional significance. Synonymous with…

Vanessa Barragão’s rugs depict diverse underwater ecosystems

Vanessa Barragão ’s rugs depict diverse underwater ecosystems using recycled yarns and creating intricate tapestries of ecosystems by hand. Studio Vanessa Barragão is a design studio focusing on the artisanal techniques and wasted yarns from the industry to produce textiles and products for interiors. Growing up in the seaside, her connection to…

Christmas Gift Ideas: Feel Desain Tips

Christmastime is near and the struggle for presents too. To help you we wrote a guide with some product recommendation! So sit back, relax and take a look at some secret santa presents choosen by Feel Desain. Myro Deodorant (USA only) | 10$ We already talked about Myro the refillable…

Coat Rack That Makes You Feel The Breath Of Nature

Simplicity and gracefulness of natural forms embodied in this coat rack named “Hilka”. The piece was designed by Ukrainian authors Ulyana Zachkevych and Stanislav Boichuk for MZPA. Laconic design and light theme harmoniously maintain the idea of space purity. Its minimalism is composed by combination of two basic materials: wood and metal. It’s…

Color And Sound Merge With HAY And Sonos

Color and sound merge with HAY and Sonos. The experience of one is impossible without the experience of the other in this unique object The One where these two sensory experiences come together. This limited edition collection is a set of speakers that reimagines the Sonos One in a new range of…

HAWA Beirut Collection Inspired From The Lebanese Architecture

Beirut-based interior architect and product designer Richard Yasmine designed HAWA Beirut, a collection of very light or airy furniture inspired from the Lebanese architecture. Specifically the arches pay homage to the cultural heritage of Lebanon. The word HAWA comes from the Arabic language which describes the lightweight silhouettes as “very light or airy”. Hawa…