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Bottega Veneta: a fanzine dedicated to Kate Moss, Matthieu Blazy’s muse
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How many of us from an early age, in the absence of social media and the search speed we have today, enjoyed cutting and pasting images of what we liked best? So did the creative director of Bottega Veneta, Matthieu Blazy, a die-hard fan of the hottest supermodel of the 90s, Kate Moss . 

Since he was 12 he kept a collection of Kate’s covers and campaign clippings featuring her. A passion that from adolescence to today has accompanied him along his journey and that has formed him, as he himself says. 

Today perhaps grateful for what Kate indirectly meant to him, he has decided to pay homage to her with a fanzine dedicated mainly to her, as well as to the history of Bottega Veneta.

Thus was born Summer 23 Fanzine , a collection of three books. In the first two volumes we find Gaetano Pesce’s creations for the brand and unpublished photographs that capture the movement and emotions of the Summer 23 collection, while the third volume is dedicated to her, Kate Moss.

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