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Collins partners with Mailchimp to create a new surreal redesign

Collins partners with Mailchimp to create a new surreal redesign. Mailchimp has launched a fully redesigned brand identity and design system today.   The goal is to better support its customers as its business and services evolve into a full-service marketing platform. COLLINS’ new brand identity will be woven throughout…

Louise Nissen envisions a sea sanctuary in Margate lido

Louise Nissen envisions a sea sanctuary in Margate lido to treat Londoners’ lungs. She has suggested converting an abandoned lido in the British seaside town of Margate into a respiratory clinic for Londoners suffering from pollution-related maladies. The sea sanctuary would utilise seawater to treat patients with respiratory issues. Titled “Sea Sanctuary”, the concept was…

8 Questions With Mauro Gatti

Italian illustrator and designer Mauro Gatti loves to draw and believes that a smile is the cheapest way to be happy, that’s why he’s always trying to capture the more comical side of life and make it a simple but funny and rememberable work. Recently met in in Rome during Binario 18…

8 Questions With Elisa Talentino

Elisa Talentino is a Italian artist working with illustration, graphic arts, screen printing and animation. Her illustrations appear in books and magazines. Elisa recently collaborated with The New York Times, The Washington Post, Goethe Institut, Mondadori, and La Repubblica. Her approach to silkscreen is special and experimental:”My first screen printings were born in…

8 Questions With Fernando Cobelo

Minimalism and high sensibility is what Fernando Cobelo‘s works are made of. Born in Venezuela, currently living in Turin, Italy he works as freelance illustrator and collects collaborations with many brands such as Lonely Planet, Moleskine, Paratissima and so on. Today Feel Desain takes a step into Fernando’s world. Here’s…

Creative work by François Peyranne for Club Med

Creative work by François Peyranne for Club Med shows up some creative and inspiring pictures to show all the brand universe. François Peyranne is a French and art director collaborates with Club Med for ten years, a collaboration that began with a film about the 50th anniversary of Club Med in 2000.…

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works

David Shrigley covers the walls of Sketch with 91 colourful new works. This exhibition has been considered a fresh coat of satire; this new collection replaces his own vast collection of 239 black and white drawings, which previously hung on The Gallery – a section of the restaurant – walls since its launch in…

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott and motion graphic designer James Paulley. Their resulting installation, Publicis Botanical, was commissioned as an animated “living wallpaper” for the offices of London firm Publicis. The result is a beautiful image that might be mistaken for a traditional floral wallpaper. Instead, the image evolves over time into a…

Handwritten Portraits | Anatol Knotek

Amazing Handwritten Portraits by the Austrian artis and Visual Poet, Anatol Knotek! He says: “My name is anatol knotek, i am an austrian artist and visual poet. i post my own work and art that inspires me. it’s all about concrete and visual poetry, typography and conceptual art.” Vincent Van Gogh…

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