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8 Questions With Flowsofly
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Minimal illustrations with black lines on white background. An account Instagram with more than 339 K followers and an unknown identity. Today we meet Flowsofly and go more deeply into the thousand sketches of human subjects, often involving sensual themes.

Recently the artist launched its online shop with limited edition prints made in vienna, austria: see more here.

Here’s the 8 questions with Flowsofly…

1. Let’s start with presentations: who’s Flowsofly?

flowsofly is the pseudonym of a contemporary artist from Austria, working primarily with minimalist lines.


2. Your technique is distinctive. At first glance it may seem that your sketches are simple sketches, but looking at them well you realize that this is not the case. There is a careful study that allows you to create illustrations using, at times, only one continuous line. How was this way of drawing born?

As a child I loved to play the “i spy with my little eye” game. Later I figured that that taught me to look carefully at the surroundings and see much more than at first glance. When you grow up tho, life gets really busy and people want a lot of stuff from you and you feel like you don’t have time for anything anymore and all of a sudden your life is really cluttered.

Working with minimalist art has two really attractive elements, one philosophical and one practical:

  • it teaches you to declutter and constantly ask what’s the focus
  • it can be done spontaneously pretty much anywhere because it doesn’t require more than a pen, a paper and a creative brain.

3. What inspires you?

Unconditionally loving people. Aesthetically I follow the work of a lot of photographers, Kim Akrich for example is a favorite. In general a lot of music (a playlist I recommend), in particular electronic and acoustic music which make the lines flow naturally, sometimes also with lyrics in different languages.

4. What’s on your bedside table right now?

Pens, scribbled paper, sometimes a phone to control the music and always a big glass of water.

5. One could say that you are obsessed with sex … Why is it so present in your illustrations?

Frankly it’s the reason why we’re all here haha! In general, however, I think the main theme of my work is intimacy, which can be physical but if you’re honest you realize there’s so much more to intimacy than sex.

6. Your illustrations aren’t immediate, it takes a few moments before you can figure out what you’re looking at. It is like asking those who look at them a continuous work of concentration, deciphering, imagination. What is the role of the viewer in the use of your work?

The viewer has a very important role in my work. It’s also the main reason why I publish my work anonymously — because i want to enable a viewer an unbiased interpretation; instead of asking “what did the artist want to say with this” I’m curious about what you see! and your mood and recent experiences usually lead to people interpreting the same artworks very differently and it shows the power and diversity of both art and love. That seemingly simple lines can achieve that specificity yet openness is the reason why I keep doing every day for many years now.

It’s a privilege to see people follow my work from every continent, people with different religions, different incomes, different upbringings, different educations, and yet somehow see the human approach to art connect us. With social media on billions of phones there’s always this globalization question of converging preferences and I love to see the different interpretations of my art regardless of demographic factors.

7. Your works have something of a hypnotic and, above all, they make you want to imagine yourself beyond. Beyond the space of the sheet, beyond the represented time, beyond the moment I see… what will happen?

Wow! what is there more beautiful than to creatively inspire another person’s mind? to make them feel something, to create something relatable! To make them write their own stories (isn’t that what life is all about?)

I recently saw an interview of Virgil Abloh where he said that time dictates what makes the work relevant. If my „simple“, incomplete works resonate with so many people all around the world it shows how overloaded our lives are (I didn’t watch Marie Kondo’s show because I don’t have Netflix, but I hear she’s also making that point) and how much we crave intimacy and human connection in a time when double-tapping and dms have sometimes taken the place of a hug.

8. Finally, our ritual question: what is creativity for you?

Continuously finding different approaches to new challenges. Some call it work. others play! 😉

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