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8 Questions With…Vincent Gérard
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This time we had the pleasure to meet not an artist but ArchiExpo’s CEO Vincent Gérard. For those who don’t know it, it’s the online exhibition for architecture and design products which puts suppliers and buyers around the world in direct contact.

ArchiExpo is a digital platform since 2007: it gathers together all architecture & design products existing on national and international markets. Vincent Gérard was kind enough to answer our 8 Questions… enjoy!

1. ArchiExpo is the most complete online sourcing tool on the market for professionals with the mission of bringing buyers and manufacturers together in one place. How did the idea come about?

Just before the 2000s, as young engineers entering the labor market, we noticed that there was no comprehensive, international and permanently accessible industrial product sourcing tool. It was the time of the emergence of the Internet, and we immediately imagined creating the online industry fair, DirectIndustry. The success was immediate and we quickly decided to extend this concept to other BtoB sectors such as architecture in 2007.

2. How do you imagine the evolution of ArchiExpo?

ArchiExpo will evolve next year from an online trade show model to a BtoB Marketplace to meet the current needs of professional buyers: compare the technical characteristics of the products select suppliers with the best buyer rating consult prices contract and pay online.

3. After twelve years, ArchiExpo brings together around 10,000 exhibitors per year, 514,000 products, 3 million visitors per month, 80,000 catalogs and 9,000 projects. Could you imagine being able to achieve such a worldwide and growing success? Have social media contributed to the success?

Such success is a nice surprise and, in the beginning, we were far from imagining that we could become the world leader in online trade shows. We believe that our international positioning in 9 languages has played an important part in our success. Social media has helped us build our reputation and build community loyalty, but most of our growth is linked to our SEO expertise, which now allows us to have 105 million unique professional visitors per year.

4. ArchiExpo is defined as a “virtual exhibition”. What do you think characterizes ArchiExpo the most?

It is the completeness and quality of its content.

5. As a manufacturer, what is the process for presenting products at ArchiExpo?

First of all, our team of architects will decide if your brand and products are eligible for ArchiExpo. Are you a manufacturer? Do your products match our content well? Are they of good quality? Does your website exist in English? If so, an advisor will contact you to discuss how our service can best meet your needs in order to make you the most appropriate proposal. If you subscribe, our teams will create your stand.

6. Three things you prefer: A dish, a film, and a sport.

Ceviche, Dallas buyers club, Kitesurf.

7. There is also an e-magazine for ArchiExpo. Can you tell us something about it?

In addition to sourcing products, we believe that an architect needs to be informed about architectural trends around the world. The e-magazine has this vocation.

8. Finally, do you have a message for the readers of Feel Desain?

Feel Desain is an infinite source of inspiration for architects, designers, and artists. To be used without moderation!

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