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A Table Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Movie Inception
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Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris creates the Wave table collection. He took inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception. This is a limited edition collection includes the Wave City Coffee Table, Wave City Dining Table, Wave City Desk and Wave City Table Black Edition.

The ‘wave city’ table bends a landscape of buildings in half, using the overlapping surface as the tabletop made from wood, steel and 3D printing technology.

The piece illustrates an urban skyline scattered with skyscrapers that seemingly lifts into the air and finally folds back onto itself in a single, continuous curve.

A series of meticulously carved buildings add a sense of realism to the otherwise surreal design object, which carefully balances on the lower section of the street.

The collection features also a stylish mat black finish like in the picture below. Beyond its smooth curve lies a dark city, reminiscent of a neo-noir atmosphere, filled with dramatic shadows, patterns, and stark light/dark contrasts. 

Black Edition Wave City

The elegant black edition features a robust steel frame allowing Stelios’ fictional skyline to rest firmly in place. The limited edition dining table piece spans 250 cm in length, 76 cm in height, and 150 cm in width.

Pictures courtesy of Stelios Moussaris

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