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Conceptual Installations With Artistic Symbolism By Icy And Sot

Iranian artist siblings Icy And Sot create conceptual installations with artistic symbolism. Their works transcend their own experience of artistic censorship, to portray a range of political, social justice, and human rights issues. The Brooklyn-based artists, who sought political asylum in America from their native hometown of Tabriz in 2012, use public…

Beautiful lettering by Tri Shiba

Beautiful lettering by Tri Shiba with a stunning copper ink. Calligraphy came to Shiba by chance. “When I was still a graphic designer, I was given a pretty fancy pen from one of my brothers, which changed the entire my works since then. After that moment, I have chosen Calligraphy as…

A Transparent Speaker With A Beech Wood Heart By Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo has developed a wireless speaker with Bunaco, the eco-friendly Aomori-based homeware brand. The speaker has a beech wood heart coming from trees. Bunaco was established with the aim to recycle wood from the many beech trees in the region where the company is based. To craft the objects, thin ribbon-like strips of…

The Time Shifter Exhibition By Lorenzo Petrantoni’s Illustrations

On November 15th Genoese artist Lorenzo Petrantoni will launch a personal exhibition at Tenhoa shop in Milan, Italy. Words, illustrations and that taste of 19th century that explodes in the details. All of this can be found in the works of Lorenzo Petrantoni. The Time Shifter is the name of this exhibition that shows…

A series of 66 animated vintage book graphics

A series of 66 animated vintage book graphics called “Even More Covers” by  Henning M. Lederer. Animator Henning Lederer is back with a third mesmerizing ode to modernist book design, reimagining 66 more covers as minimalist and op-art motion compositions anchored by austere Swiss typography. As with the two previous…

Color And Sound Merge With HAY And Sonos

Color and sound merge with HAY and Sonos. The experience of one is impossible without the experience of the other in this unique object The One where these two sensory experiences come together. This limited edition collection is a set of speakers that reimagines the Sonos One in a new range of…

In Portugal Red House To Stand Out

Lisbon-based firm Rebelo De Andrade designed this bright red house to stand out amid the vast, uniform landscape of southern Portugal. This is ‘House 3000’ located on a 500 hectare plot populated with scores of cork trees — a constant terrain that, as architect Luís Rebelo De Andrade found when first visiting the…

3D-knitted Formwork Pavilion By Zaha Hadid Architects and ETH Zurich

Zaha Hadid Architects and ETH Zurich developed a double-curved concrete shelled pavilion, constructed using a 3D-knitted formwork. Displayed in Mexico City the pavilion named KnitCandela was built using KnitCrete – a new 3D-knitted textile technology for creating curving concrete structures, without the need for expensive and time-consuming moulds. The colourful pavilion is called KnitCandela in homage to the work of Spanish-Mexican…

Apple’s New Mac Uses 100% Recycled Aluminum

Apple has launched a MacBook Air with a 100 per cent recycled aluminium alloy shell, reducing the carbon footprint of the computer by almost half. Introducing the new computer in New York, Apple said that creating a casing for the computer from entirely recycled aluminium was “one big goal that we’ve had for many years.” We use aluminium…

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