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Wa House: harmony in contrast
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In the picturesque Wakayama, a renowned resort in Kansai, designer Gwenael Nicolas of Tokyo-based Curiosity Studio has crafted a modern fisherman’s house, the Wa House.

Nestled along the Nanki-Shirahama coast, which is also a national park, the structure harmonizes with its rugged, Atlantic-like rocky setting. Collaborating with Haretoke Architects, the design embraces the challenge of nature.

Wa House features a linear, single-story structure that respects the grandeur of the ocean by aligning its height with the horizon.

Its distinctive wing-shaped roof not only adds character but also withstands the fierce coastal winds. Delicately resting on a concrete foundation, the wooden house is elevated above the rocks, allowing large waves to pass underneath during storms.

The house’s dark color seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings and the reef’s dark stone.

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