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Shopping Mall Renovated Into a Design Playground by X+LIVING
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The China Resources Group and Shanghai-based architectural design firm X+Living partnered together to transform Chinese shopping mall into a design playground. This is the MIXc Kunshan located in Jiangsu Province, an important birthplace of Kunqu Opera.

The Kunshan MIXc is a tentative example to transform a public space on the third floor of the mall into a children’s section where it perfectly accommodates diversified parent-child patterns and highly reflects the unity of aesthetics and theme.

With the vision of creating a multifunctional experience venue that integrates parenting, leisure and education, the designer has blurred the physical boundary between the public area and the retail stores through a coordinated facade design.

In order to strengthen the cultural identity of the local residents, and to showcase the beauty of intangible cultural heritage Kunqu Opera, the designer uses Kunqu Opera as the origin of the design concept, and replaces the traditional aesthetic form with interesting design techniques to create a dreamlike wonderland in fairy tale. Take the escalator from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor, bright colors and cute installations greet consumers, reminding them of a journey of visual and psychological satisfaction.

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