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OooOoO, The Fluorescent Skatepark By Koo Jeong A
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The South-Korean artist Koo Jeong A arrives at Triennale Milano with a multi-sensory installation called OooOoO. The skatepark can be experienced by visitors until February 16.

Artist Koo Jeong A has been working on the reinvention of spaces through experiential and participatory site-specific installations since the 1990s. This installation will be animated by the music of Koreless, an electronic music producer based in Glasgow.

Specifically designed for Triennale Milano, OooOoO by Koo Jeong A invites visitors to experience the space both physically and mentally, while challenging the relational dynamics between man and object, individual and community. Koo’s most recent projects include the skatepark series, the first of which, OTRO, was created in 2012 in collaboration with L’Escault Architectures and built on the island of Vassivière in France.

During the exhibition, the design museum has also organized an academy for children with skate sessions, the Academy of Skateboarding featuring bastard, in the OooOoO skatepark designed by Koo Jeong A.

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