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Animal Tissue | Yuki Ariga
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Animal Tissue | Yuki Ariga

Created by Yuki Ariga for the manufacturer of Japanese paper Nepia this beautiful short film offers an animation of origamis made of silk paper carefully folded to created animals. Discover here a making-of a boundless imagination and creativity.

Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga5 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga6 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga7 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga8 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga9 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga10 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga11 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga12 Animal-Tissue-By-Yuki-Ariga13

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