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The Time Shifter Exhibition By Lorenzo Petrantoni’s Illustrations

On November 15th Genoese artist Lorenzo Petrantoni will launch a personal exhibition at Tenhoa shop in Milan, Italy. Words, illustrations and that taste of 19th century that explodes in the details. All of this can be found in the works of Lorenzo Petrantoni. The Time Shifter is the name of this exhibition that shows…

Bansky’s art-shredding stunt goes viral

The news on Bansky’s art-shredding stunt goes viral and digital marketing companies gave vent to their creativity. After being auctioned for $1.1 million, Bansky self-destructed one of his famous painting: the girl with the baloon. Immediately becoming one of the most audacious stunts in art history the artwork, now shredded into…

Small Shaped Elements Compose A Monolithic Sculpture

Rob Ley Studio created a small shaped elements that compose a monolithic sculpture titled Ambiguous. This piece takes inspiration from the similarities seen when studying various forms that mark the beginning of life. The conceptual approach for this public artwork is based on the Education Center’s interpretive theme that “small things…

Christo unveils his new floating sculpture: “The London Mastaba”

Christo unveils his new floating sculpture: “The London Mastaba” This work is a 20-metre-high sculpture floating on London’s Serpentine Lake, which represents his and late wife Jeanne-Claude’s determination to make art free.  Based on the trapezoid shapes of mastaba, an Arabic word for bench given to Egyptian tombs and seats found outside homes in…

How The Internet May Look If All Data Was Smoke

Arranging smoke and glass tubes in the same order internet cables, Dutch multimedia artist Jeroen Van Loon asks us to consider how the internet may look if all data was temporary and ephemeral. “An Internet” installation works by having the smoke puffed into the glass tubes, when the tube fills up, the smoke…

Central Police Station Becomes An Art Center

Hong Kong’s former central police station becomes an art center designed by ADO culture. Tai Kwun, as known as the Hong Kong Central Police Station, was a historical icon of the government to implement enforcement, judgment and execution. Being one of the latest local landmarks, Tai Kwun has transformed into…

The Nordic Pavilion presents “Another Generosity” at the Venice Biennale

The Nordic Pavilion presents “Another Generosity” at theVenice Architecture Biennale 2018  and shows up as one of the most unconventional exhibitions. Helmed by curators Eero Lundén and Juulia Kauste, the show sees humongous, alien-like balloons that inflate or deflate according to the surrounding environment’s carbon dioxide levels and change color when…

Playing with The Sensual Relationship Between Materials And Colors

Playing with the sensual relationship between materials and colors is the concept behind the iridescent works created by the Sydney-based artist Jonny Niesche that confuse perception and mood. Working with hard reflective surfaces such as mirrors, welded steel and polished brass, along with softer, shimmering fabrics, Niesche is able to manipulate space and perspective…

OMA’s Fondazione Prada Torre finally opens to the public

OMA’s Fondazione Prada Torre finally opens to the public with quirky interiors and renowned contemporary art. A room filled with giant spinning mushrooms and a set of bright yellow-green bathrooms are among the surprises found inside the OMA-designed Torre, which opened last week as the final part of the Fondazione Prada arts complex…

Geronimo’s balloons at the second annual Melbourne Design Week

Geronimo’s balloons at the second annual Melbourne Design Week create a colorful and bright installation on the façade of hub furniture’s new Collingwood Showroom. The design week is underway until march 25, 2018 — and an LA-based balloon genius is livening up the initiative with a 7,000-piece, biodegradable crescendo of care. That balloon genius:…

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