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The mirror: an art form
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The mirror is a suggestive element, often ambiguous but of great charm

The work of Shirin Abedinirad, Iranian artist, painter and performer is infinitely exciting. Who experiences the effect of reflective surfaces. Given his origins, the artist prefers to work in contact with uncontaminated landscapes, mostly deserts, which he uses as a canvas and background for his works.

The landscape is also inevitably linked to profound themes, inherent in Shirin’s tradition, such as myth and religion or the embryonic bond with the earth.

The mirror simulates the encounter between elements and materials, influencing the view and transporting the observer into an ethereal dimension.

His latest work is on the paradisiacal beach of Currubin, in Australia, and is configured as a real, open door. Although it is open, it is a door that is impossible to cross because a mirror is placed inside it that reflects the surrounding landscape.

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