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Ismail Zaidy Shows Us Morocco Through Colorful Photos
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Young self-taught Moroccan photographer Ismail Zaidy shows us through a series of portraits Morocco.

Colorful and minimal shots, here’s the Muslim culture. The medium chosen is photography: it unites, eliminates the concept of difference in its negative meaning and tells real slices in a universal language easy to understand.

“Through my pictures, I tackle the notions of gender equality, unity and love. I try to promote through them the Moroccan culture, and to shut down the stereotypes associated with my country. Morocco is not only a deserted country where people travel on animals’ backs”.

The 22-year-old artist tells what Ismail Zaidy knows best through recurring details, such as the use of the typical clothing of his country, djellaba, niqab and hijab, which, in addition to influencing his photographic style, is what most frightens and distracts.

His goal is to give voice to those who cover themselves by choice, using strong colors such as the individuals who hide under the veils, emphasizing their real existence, their possibilities and the positivity of his legacy. 
The protagonists of his shots are his brothers, but also other people who, like him, see in art a means to express themselves freely.

To see more, visit his Instagram profile Ismail Zaidy.

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