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8 Questions With Ekayyne
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Elliot Kayne aka Ekayyne has an incredible mind and creativity mixing pieces of different parts: the result is amazing.

Discover more about humans and landscapes in this new interview with Ekayyne.

1. Your work Humans and Landscapes mixes – literally – bodies and natural elements. How it was born?

In my graphic design school we used to try a lot of different techniques and I kinda love the collage approach so I always kept it in mind. Humans and landscapes started in a very natural way, without thinking too much.

Beauty and escape. Both themes are universal and represent many things. This one below was the first one of the series: I was really excited and proud of the visual and I just kept doing it.

“Art defines who we are and we should simply pursue our creative desires”

2. Through the union of body shapes and landscapes it is like a third element was created, like a new landscape characterized by hypnotic sensuality, not obvious and above all never rude. What role does sexuality play in your work?

I’m using all part of the humans body, some are more sensual than others but I put the same passion in all of them. And as I said, sexuality and sensuality are part of human nature and it is necessary to represent it within creative works. It has been present in art forever and it will be in the future, it’s something really important and we should not be ashamed of it. Art defines who we are and we should simply pursue our creative desires. 

3. Are the pictures you use taken by you? Which techniques do you use?

I don’t take photography myself – but I will soon – I use pictures from Tumblr, or freestocks. I also do a lot of collaborations: photographer who feel my vibes can always send me some shots and I try to create a collage out of it. I’m working only with photoshop. 

4. You use a lot of female bodies. Is there any reasons?

The female body inspires me more, also perhaps because it is more present visually on the internet. A mix of what I like and what I see. What really matters is the beauty of photography, whether the model is a male or female.

 5. Is there a photographer who influenced you or an artist you are inspired by?

Concerning the collage technique, I would say I’ve been definitely inspired by the work of Jens Ullrich. He combines sport athlete’s bodies with classical sculptures and it’s just stunning. Also the creative work of @tinycactus, who can transform ordinary into extraordinary in seconds, I also love the political body exploration of @mariussperlich and @cecile_hoodie and many more, of course, it’s difficult to pick only a few.

6. Talking about something else linked to creativity: tell as your favourite book, movie and music artist.

About books, I love how Virginie Despentes writes. What I’m reading right now is « Bye bye blondie » and the way she describes her raw reality, and the tough natural that comes out of it is just outstanding. I would recommend it to everyone.

My favorite movie is « Whiplash » it’s an absolute masterpiece to me, I love its musicality, the passion, the relentlessness, the failure and the success which overflows throughout the film. It really gives me goosebumps every time I look at it. Musically I recently dig into Billie Eilish’s infinite universe of creation and I really enjoyed it.

7. What catches the eye when you are walking among people or in the middle of nature?

I mostly look at shapes, textures and colors of nature. I also try to give a different eye to social situation, it really depends. Once I was waiting the subway and a lot of people were running into the station and I thought « damn we are animals » and I create this one below.

So that’s what I like, it’s coming from different angles and I try to keep my eyes wide open so I don’t miss a graphic possibility if it shows up. 

Our ritual question: what does creativity mean to you?

It has to come naturally. It’s a need, and if you don’t have it you’ll feel bad. It can be trained and stimulated. it’s paradoxical because you have to stay natural but you also have to be curious and organized. There is a question of letting go within a predefined framework. 

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