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San Serif Posters
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San Serif Posters

Daniel Barkle is a multi-disciplinary designer, currently based in the South West, UK. He likes to be involved in most areas of design, but has a real passion for producing dynamic brand solutions that incorporate interactive strategies. He has a quite strong portfolio, with the classic minimalist/swiss style present in most of his projects. One of my favorite projects is the San Serif Vol.1. I like the black background with white elements and how he plays with simple effects but yet achieve awesome results.

San Serif Posters 5

San Serif Posters 1

San Serif Posters 8 San Serif Posters 9San Serif Posters 2 San Serif Posters 3 San Serif Posters 4San Serif Posters 6 San Serif Posters 7

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