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Louise Nissen envisions a sea sanctuary in Margate lido

Louise Nissen envisions a sea sanctuary in Margate lido to treat Londoners’ lungs. She has suggested converting an abandoned lido in the British seaside town of Margate into a respiratory clinic for Londoners suffering from pollution-related maladies. The sea sanctuary would utilise seawater to treat patients with respiratory issues. Titled “Sea Sanctuary”, the concept was…

Plexopolis: a series of games to educate on accomplished design

Plexopolis: a series of games to educate on accomplished design matching intelligent design and practical materials. Uniform, an independent creative agency based in Liverpool and London, has designed a series of board games to help students solve urban planning problems. A project brought to the agency by the mathematics department…

These textile structures translate origami into digital weaving

These textile structures translate origami into digital weaving. The project, realized by Studio Samira Boon and winner of the creative heroes award, is an innovative series of textile structures based on traditional Japanese folding techniques. Studio Samira Boon collaborated with Tilburg’s TextielLab and prof. T. Tachi from the University of Tokyo to translate…

DFT transforms NIKE air jordan into surreal accessory

DFT transforms NIKE Air Jordan into surreal accessory crafting a single line anamorphosis of a Nike Air Jordan on its real life model. Creating the illusion of wearing a piece of figurative art instead of a shoe. The artwork, created by the Parisian creative duo DFT,  is transposed during a long and iterative…

The “Hands On” exhibition at the Melbourne’s NVG Kids Gallery

The “Hands On” exhibition at the Melbourne’s NVG Kids Gallery consists of 6 new art works and 5 interactive installations. Created  by We Make Carpets, the project transform the space into an interactive jorurney where young visitors can contribute to the exhibition. “Children can arrange tangram shapes to create a new floor piece; make dashes…

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott and motion graphic designer James Paulley. Their resulting installation, Publicis Botanical, was commissioned as an animated “living wallpaper” for the offices of London firm Publicis. The result is a beautiful image that might be mistaken for a traditional floral wallpaper. Instead, the image evolves over time into a…

“Supersymmetry” is the last anamorphic artwork by Truly

“Supersymmetry” is the last anamorphic artwork by Truly | Urban Artists for the opening of the Collegio Carlo Alberto new headquarters. Collegio Carlo Alberto is one of the most prestigious institutions for economic study and research in Torino. It recently moved in its new headquarters, a historical palace located in the…

This Book is a Planetarium

Kelli Anderson, a self-described artist/designer and tinkerer has just released her long-awaited book, This Book is a Planetarium. Anderson, who is based in Brooklyn, works in a variety of digital and analog media -here our previous article on This Book is a Camera– but is best known for her use of paper…

“CTRL X” | Deleting graffiti

A collaborative of artists worked, as part of the Stenograffia street art and graffiti festival in Russia, to create this phenomenal illusion that appears to “erase” a collection of graffiti from a small car and trash dumpster. The team painted the familiar grey and white checker grid found in most graphics applications…

3 Colour Star Wars Characters | Nick Barclay

We’ve already told you about Nick Barclay‘s brilliant, minimalist, graphic design style, and we’re back today with his wonderfully nerdy 3 Colour Star Wars Characters poster series. Reducing each character to three colours, Nick used geometric shapes to try to represent elements of the iconic Sci-Fi franchise. On each poster, there’s also…