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90’s Typography designed by Noah Camp
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90’s typography designed by Noah Camp for 36 Days of Type 2019 is all about your favorite childhood toys from the 90s.

“90s Toypography” is going to make you nostalgic for a time when Blockbuster was alive, Sun-In was all the rage, and hacky sack was cool. Although I am still game for a hack circle anytime.

Noah has combined 8 years of design and CGI with his love of hand lettering and touchable textures. He is well-known for his 3D food typography, creating mouth-watering photorealistic illustrations using Cinema 4D as his paintbrush.

He has worked with awesome clients like Fox, Method Home, BBC, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Internationally regarded as innovative and eye-catching, his 3D typography and illustration can bring your ideas to life and stop your audience in their tracks.

“I started with the basics, learning from Skillshare, Youtube, and courses” he explains. “The key to learning both skills is to be patient and to not move on to more advanced techniques until you have a good hold on the fundamentals. I made sure to take away the pressure of adding letters to each new skill I’ve learned. This helped me able to just follow along, but I also always put my own twist on the lesson so that I could really cement the new technique in my brain.”

More specifically with lettering, he developed his skills in 3D and lettering separately before putting them together. He started calligraphy by practicing the basic stroke drills. He moved on to letters, and then words. Because calligraphy is all about muscle memory, like piano playing.

“I will spend more time on my weaknesses, than on my strengths. This focused practice is what makes improvement go exponentially faster.”

Noah Camp
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