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Nikola Olic paints with architecture and with photography
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Nikola Olic paints with architecture and with photography in his travels around the world.

The Serbian photographer lives and works in Dallas, Texas, focusing on architectural photography and abstract structural quotes and reimagining their subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways.

“Subway curves”     New York City, New York 
Subway stop ceiling at a station in lower Manhattan, offering a welcome surprise and a great start for eager passengers and tourists walking up to the New York city surface.
“The Ripple”   –  Miami, Florida

Each photograph in the above collection is accompanied with the exact coordinates and a short description where it was taken, offering a direct connection between the unexpected visual space of the photograph, and the real world of cars, buildings, people and noise in which it exists.

“The speed of lights” – Milan, Italy  
“Hong Kong flow”     Hong Kong, China
The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai sin temple in Hong Kong gives another reminder of how a city of 7 million people can become tranquil and mute within seconds of walking inside a temple.

This is intended as a demystifying tool essential to abstract photography, reminding that these subjects – beautiful or otherwise – are on every corner, in places we visit and places we live in.

Finally, the collection hopes to invite readers to explore the coordinates that accompany every photograph, and how those structures we encounter interact with their surroundings, giving us the ability to, in essence, paint with architecture.

By re-appropriating urban entities we come across as our colors and brushes, these guerrilla photography exercises can help create new intellectual and philosophical visual spaces worth formalizing and exploring.

“Open book of architecture”     Houston, Texas
This bustling and busy city in the southern part of Texas can easily write the book on architecture, with a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes in its architectural vocabulary.

His photography has appeared in various galleries, art events, museums, magazines, newspapers, spaces and websites around the world, including, BBC News, The Guardian, CNN Style,,, Gizmodo, ArchDaily, and many others, and is on permanent display at the Dallas Geometric Art Museum and Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

“Picking and choosing the exact square pegs and round wholes of architecture, space and materials, isolating and focusing on two parts of the same building.”

Nikola Olic
“Building with steps” – Forth Worth, Texas
The tallest building in Fort Worth, Texas, this simple brutalist architectural design is a unique addition to the vibrant and growing downtown landscape, with a strong, repetitive pattern of windows being interrupted by meticulous, powerful vertical lines.
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