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Think Packaging designs a packaging for Steens Manuka Honey
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Think Packaging designs a packaging for Steens Manuka Honey.

Manuka flowers only open for a few short weeks of the year, and if conditions are just right, bees are able to harvest the nectar to make honey. With such a special release, the product needed an equally special and bespoke piece of packaging.

David Trubridge’s (DT) team designed the look & feel of the package and pulled the inspiration of the hive design from beehives themselves; to attract the attention of premium shoppers by contrasting bright and fun floral colours against all the black and gold packaging in the emerging and ultra-competitive Manuka Honey category.

Production was taken offshore, as Wrapology was sought after as being a world class luxury packaging manufacturer. Their capability of impeccable hand assembly and finishing of the components was vital as it was no small feat to produce at the standard desired.

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