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Art, fashion and interiors merge in Bateman pop-up shop
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Art, fashion and interiors merge in Bateman pop-up shop, an eccentric fictional family informed the vivid interiors of this pop-up shop in west London, which has been designed by creatives Selena Beaudry, Clemmie Myers and Natalie Tredgett.

Nestled amongst a parade of shops in the neighbourhood of Notting Hill, the Mrs and Mr Bateman pop-up store offers a mix of art, fashion and home items that reflect the whimsical lifestyles of a made-up family called the Batemans.

Fashion dealer Clemmie Myers and interior designer Natalie Tredgett. Together they were keen to create an immersive retail space where customers “can escape into a momentary world and feel part of the story”.

“The Batemans travel the world and are patrons of the arts. Their one-of-a-kind collection tells us the story of who they are, where they have been and where they are going,” explained the trio.

The space is arranged into seven decorative vignettes that reference a different character or setting of the story: Mrs Bateman, Mr Bateman, the Groomsman, the Dreamscape, Vincent’s Study, the Library, and the Still Life.

Each will present a medley of objects by both emerging and established designers or artists, all of which are available to purchase.


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