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Punanimation, a brand new collective based in London

Punanimation, a brand new collective based in London, represents a directory of women, trans and non-binary friends working with animation and motion graphics.   Everything began in 2015 when three animators, Bee Grandinetti, Hedvig Ahlberg and Linn Fritz, found themselves in similarly frustrated boats. Working in male-dominated studios, female role models, and…

Louise Nissen envisions a sea sanctuary in Margate lido

Louise Nissen envisions a sea sanctuary in Margate lido to treat Londoners’ lungs. She has suggested converting an abandoned lido in the British seaside town of Margate into a respiratory clinic for Londoners suffering from pollution-related maladies. The sea sanctuary would utilise seawater to treat patients with respiratory issues. Titled “Sea Sanctuary”, the concept was…

Plexopolis: a series of games to educate on accomplished design

Plexopolis: a series of games to educate on accomplished design matching intelligent design and practical materials. Uniform, an independent creative agency based in Liverpool and London, has designed a series of board games to help students solve urban planning problems. A project brought to the agency by the mathematics department…

Frieze Sculpture’s New Exhibition in London

From July until October 2018, Frieze Sculpture’s New Exhibition set across London’s Regent’s park. The 2018 Frieze Sculpture brings together 25 artists from five continents. Selected and placed by Clare Lilley (director of programme, yorkshire sculpture park) said: ‘last year, our first-ever summer frieze sculpture was a resounding success, with…

Christo unveils his new floating sculpture: “The London Mastaba”

Christo unveils his new floating sculpture: “The London Mastaba” This work is a 20-metre-high sculpture floating on London’s Serpentine Lake, which represents his and late wife Jeanne-Claude’s determination to make art free.  Based on the trapezoid shapes of mastaba, an Arabic word for bench given to Egyptian tombs and seats found outside homes in…

Maclean’s Photography Artfully Transforms The Human Body

The London-based photographer Flora Maclean’s photography is characterized by clean lines and close crops. Her shots in bold primary colors, her work — which spans portraiture, documentary, and still life — has a certain graphic sensibility. Her subjects are often anonymous, their faces hidden or excluded from her frame, their physical…

States Of Matter from Peter Tomaszewicz

States Of Matter from Peter Tomaszewicz is a project inspired by architecture and minimal design. Peter is a 3D artist, motion graphics designer based in London and in his video “States Of Matter”, the 3D artist and designer graphics, Peter Tomaszewicz, puts forward the three states of matter : solid, liquid and gas.…

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott

A beautiful subtle animation by illustrator Katie Scott and motion graphic designer James Paulley. Their resulting installation, Publicis Botanical, was commissioned as an animated “living wallpaper” for the offices of London firm Publicis. The result is a beautiful image that might be mistaken for a traditional floral wallpaper. Instead, the image evolves over time into a…

Japanese collective teamLab brought the ocean indoor

Japanese collective teamLab brought the ocean indoor. The triennial of contemporary art and design is underway at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and a responsive digital installation by teamLab, “Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement”, is once again, stirring up something otherworldly. Those interacting in the dark, mirrored space…