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Sasha Bikoff merges Rococo mood with Memphis style

Sasha Bikoff  merges Rococo mood with Memphis style creating new intersections between the 18th century french rococo and 1980s Italian Memphis Milano. This year marks Sasha’s first participation in the annual “kips bay show house” of exceptional interior design. Since 1973 interior designers have been annually invited to transform a Manhattan home into an…

HAWA Beirut Collection Inspired From The Lebanese Architecture

Beirut-based interior architect and product designer Richard Yasmine designed HAWA Beirut, a collection of very light or airy furniture inspired from the Lebanese architecture. Specifically the arches pay homage to the cultural heritage of Lebanon. The word HAWA comes from the Arabic language which describes the lightweight silhouettes as “very light or airy”. Hawa…

Arkad Pouf by Note Design Studio for Zilio A&C

Arkad Pouf by Note Design Studio for Zilio A&C  is a brand new collection inspired by architecture. After experimenting with various architectural shapes, the Stockholm-based Note Design Studio, discovered they were drawn to arches when they turned the negative space within the arch into a positive form. Lining up multiple positive…

Oval Side Tables Using Fluted Glass By Thinkk Studio

Bangkok-based design firm Thinkk Studio creates side tables made from fluted layers of glass. These tables are part of a collection titled ‘Made In Thailand’ that intends to create unorthodox furniture incorporating industrial design processes. Thinkk Studio worked with local Thai manufacturers and craftsmen to create a collection that distances…

A Spanish tropical sushi restaurant designed by Masquespacio

A Spanish tropical sushi restaurant designed by Masquespacio, opened this week in Valencia, Spain. A year ago Mireia contacted Masquespacio. Valencian, almost converted in Brazilian and passionate surfer she had the dream to open the first tropical sushi restaurant in her native city. This way Kaikaya was born, a project…

A genre-defining photo book published by Taschen edited by Frédéric Chaubin

Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed is a genre-defining photo book published by Taschen, edited by French photographer Frédéric Chaubin, who has deep-dived into a post-Sputnik era, documenting a period of design largely ignored by academia and mainstream architecture. In these photographs, the viewer can explore the disappearing world of totalitarian structures, originally designed to dominate…

Italy’s first Starbucks opens today in Milan

Italy’s first Starbucks opens today in Milan, a city where bars are many and coffee is difficult to top. Since its introduction in the 1500s, coffee has developed its own culture in Italy where days are defined by rituals conducted by devotees, who believe a real espresso or cappuccino tastes very different…

Tea House Mimic The Shape Of Chinese Hills By Spacemen Studio

Mimicking the shape of Chinese mountains, Spacemen Studio has used 35,000 meters of gold chain in three different shades to ‘elevate’ the ceiling of this tea bar and restaurant in Shanghai, China. Situated in a refurbished mid-19th century colonial heritage building, Icha Chateau contrasts its historic exterior with an interior spatial…

A Lucid Dream in Pink by Studio Brasch

Stockholm-based firm Studio Brasch, the brainchild of Swedish art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen, has just released a dreamscape of pastel pinks and dusky peaches rendered in 3D—”A Lucid Dream in Pink, Sleep Cycle No 17“. In these hyperreal renderings, plants with velveteen leaves spill from the frame, peach terrazzo tiles stand as…