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ClockClock 9
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Stockholm based artists Humans since 1982 are pleased to announce the launch of ClockClock 9.

ClockClock 9 is the newest addition to Humans since 1982’s ongoing ClockClock project.
The kinetic work consists of 9 pairs of clock hands mounted on a circular housing of mineral composite. The clock hands move both independently and in formation, performing meticulous choreographies that alternate between abstract and synchronized movement patterns. During regular intervals, the clock hands align to tell the time as an analogue clock.

About Humans since 1982

Humans since 1982 was founded in 2009 by Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson.
Their kinetic sculptures and experiential installations are driven by a shared curiosity and desire to make sense of the world. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Bischoff (b. 1982, Germany) and Emanuelsson (b. 1982, Sweden) have worked as a collaborative duo since meeting as postgraduate students at HDK Göteborg in 2008.

Humans since 1982, ClockClock 9, 2020. Image courtesy: Humans since 1982.

Signatures within their practice include the elevation and subversion of everyday objects including clocks, smartphones and surveillance equipment. With equal parts playfulness and meticulous process, industrially produced objects are liberated from their administrative functions to become visually engaging and technically challenging artworks. Humans since 1982’s practice is centred around human experiences, using technology as a mechanism to explore our motivations and anxieties.

Humans since 1982, ClockClock 9, 2020. Image courtesy: Humans since 1982.

The ClockClock Project

The ClockClock project explores how the passing of time can be shaped and transformed into a tangible kinetic concept.
Inspired by this question, the project was initiated in 2008 by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff. Since then, their ambitious experimentation has resulted in large-scale artworks such as the A million Times series, as well as two lines of smaller works made available in limited editions: ClockClock 24 and ClockClock 9.

Humans since 1982, ClockClock 9, 2020. Photo: Tim Meier.

The new ClockClock 9

ClockClock 9 carries many similarities to its ClockClock predecessors. It is both a kinetic sculpture and a functioning wall clock, but by reducing the number of clock hands, ClockClock 9 carries a disparate expression of tranquillity and composure.

The individual clock hands move between complex arrangements and perfect alignment – illustrating a constant interplay of chaos and order. The minimalist choreographic features hint towards traditions of conceptual dance, whilst the advanced technology situates the piece in a contemporary age of automation and mechanization. Typical of the studio practice, ClockClock 9 defy easy categorization traversing art, design, and technology.

Humans since 1982, ClockClock 9, 2020. Photo: Tim Meier.

ClockClock 9 demonstrates the brand continuous engagement in conceptual complexity combined with technical precision and expert craftsmanship.
Each piece is carefully assembled in Humans since 1982’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

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