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NeSpoon “crochet” street art
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Tradition and dexterity meet in the interventions of NeSpoon, the street artist from Warsaw known for his urban works inspired by the ancient art of lace. The latest mural is a tribute to the history of the city of Calais.

Steet art and laces

Painting and textile art mix with an extraordinary balance in the mural works of NeSpoon, the Polish art known throughout the world for its urban paintings inspired by the ancient art of lace. Conceived in relation to the environment, his interventions are presented as huge decorations full of details: the effect is that of a large weave full of “pitted” weaves and motifs inspired by the classic centerpieces used by our grandmothers.

A new urban work, recently presented in Calais – in the north of France – reaffirms the poetry and the expressive power of the artist’s research, confirming his marked ability and relating to the history of the place.

Made on the external facade of the Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode de Calais – the museum dedicated to local fashion and textile art -, the painting consists of a series of sprayed floral motifs.

Extending over the entire wall of the building, the work descends from top to bottom, “covering” the entire structure like an enormous fragment of white fabric.

NeSpoon Calais homage

Created on the basis of a series of late 19th-century laces consulted in the museum’s archives, the mural refers to the rich textile history of the city of Calais – known for its companies and its tradition of craftsmanship in the manufacturing of fabrics.

In fact, since the end of the 19th century, Calais has hosted numerous textile artists and engineers of English origin who came overseas to escape the economic and social difficulties of the time. From that moment on, the city was considered a first-rate industrial center for the production of lace. A social and political history that NeSpoon wanted to remember with his work.

Images from instagram NeSpoon page

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