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Life, Journey, and works of Leonardo
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After the successful experience of the official game of Milan Design Week (2018), Studiolabo publishes a new board game inspired by the life of Leonardo da Vinci in coinciding with the closing of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance genius.

In 2019 the Omnia prototype, titled Leonardeck, participated in the competition Unpublished game organized by DV Giochi and Lucca Comics and Games, winning the prize “Best artwork” thanks to the original graphic style of Roberta Esposito illustrations.
OMNIA is a simple, dynamic, and funny game, suitable for players of all ages (recommended for ages 8 and up).
The goal is telling the story of the Italian Renaissance, seen through the eyes of one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

Cristian Confalonieri, Creative Director of Studiolabo and former author of “Fuorisalone. The Boardgame of Milan Design Week” supports:
“The board game is a sector, not only in Italy, in great turmoil. The project by a board game, it is in effect a design project, much more complex than
as it may seem.
Game designers, graphic designers, usability, marketing, and communication experts work in symbiosis for months. We had the goal of creating an original game with an important visual support system that could evoke the many icons left us inherited from Leonardo da Vinci in a pop and light way. The game is a tool of story and very effective cultural transmission and we are convinced that products of this type can also achieve educational goals“.
OMNIA is a Studiolabo edition produced in partnership with Tambù a Start-Up innovative in the BoardGames & Comics sector that has the mission of simplifying and create new tools that allow authors to express their creativity, making high-quality entertainment products.

OMNIA: the game

In the first phase of the game, build your deck according to the strategy you deem best. Then challenge other players to collect more Leonardo’s works and inventions, getting help from the illustrious personalities of the time. Always keep an eye on the places of the trip! To accumulate points, you must achieve the active objectives in the match.
At the end of the sixth round, each player adds up the points on their cards and the points achieved by solving the objectives (City Cards) in play at the end of the game.
The player who has collected the most points wins.

In the box we find 92 cards and 18 coins. Among the cards we find many illustrations:
16 works, 16 inventions, 16 cities where Leonardo lived and 16 Renaissance characters that Leonardo attended.

Authors: Cristian Confalonieri
Illustrations and graphics: Roberta Esposito
Edition edited by: Studiolabo
Manufactured by: Tambù

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