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Smart consumption transport
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Smart consumption transport

“Did you know that an aware choice of your transport allows you to save time, money and energy?”

Posterheroes is an international communication contest organized by the cultural non-profit association Plug, that asks to the partecipants to elaborate a 50×70 poster. It proposes for its second edition the theme of the aware consumption and fruition, underlining the role of the user as an important actor in the global consumption/saving equilibria.
The notice is open to anyone and is especially aimed to involve young people and the National and International creative community.
The contest will be completely held online, uploading the posters on our website.
The project will be evaluated by an International jury of professionals: Erola Boix, Anthony Burrill, Giorgio Camuffo, Demian Conrad, Designpolitie, Wladimir Marnich,  Bo Lundberg, Peter Orntoft, Patrick Thomas, Trapped in Suburbia.
The posters considered as the most interesting/deserving ones by the jury will become the object of the communication campaign that the non-profit association Plug will organize in many italian and european cities, using non conventional and innovative instruments, to spread as widely as possible the inner message of the initiative: “Think with your own head and partecipate!”.

For more information: (it book) (eng book) (it bando) (eng call for entries) (video)


Campagna video di informazione sul consumo consapevole per il concorso di comunicazione sociale giunto alla sua seconda edizione.

a PLUG:Creativity project

special thanks to:
soggetto e regia: Fabrizio Soldano, Stefano Druetta, Luca Zanellato, Giuseppe Tuttobene
dop: Stefano Druetta
post produzione audio: Aldo Accettulli

music by:
State Shirt – Computer

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