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The Feel online store is transformed and becomes a collector of design objects.
We have selected the best Made in Italy brands. So now in addition to our magazine, you can buy items from our partners.

Newcomers to Feel’s online store for this month are Wilden’s herbal teas, the card game Omnia, and Piccolo seeds.

Wilden herbals

We already talked about it months ago, at the beginning of the winter season. Since the cold has returned, here we are to “refresh” your memory!
Wilden’s herbal teas are designed to help us maintain balance and well-being every day. Each variant is made up of specific herbs, and we at Feel have chosen Focus and Hangover for you.

The Focus mix is ​​a perfect balance of scents and tastes to restore harmony and to elevate every moment of relax.
It consists of 9 herbs whose taste is in progress thanks to a skillful combination and a well-balanced recipe. It begins with an all-Mediterranean journey, given by mint and basil, which turns towards a sweet taste thanks to the verbena and the Moldavian Dragonhead. Finally it’s rosemary and rhodiola rosea to refine the taste together with ginkgo and centella asiatica.

The Hangover mix is ​​composed of 11 herbs specifically selected and chosen to guarantee a regenerating sensation like a new start.
In this remedium we find lemon, lemongrass and orange which are rich in Vitamin C and toning properties; mint, ginger and licorice, giving the infusion a fresh and fragrant flavor. Black pepper and turmeric, mallow, gentian and chamomile, guarantee the balance between all the herbs, favoring a synergistic action for the liver, the stomach and the intestines, while releasing a marked energetic sensation.

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Omnia playing cards

OMNIA is a Studiolabo edition produced in partnership with Tambù a Start-Up innovative in the BoardGames & Comics.
The game is inspired by the life of Leonardo da Vinci. The goal is to tell the story of the Italian Renaissance, seen through the eyes of one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

In the first phase of the game, build your deck according to the strategy you deem best. Then challenge other players to collect more Leonardo’s works and inventions, getting help from the illustrious personalities of the time. Always keep an eye on the places of the trip! To accumulate points, you must achieve the active objectives in the match.
At the end of the sixth round, each player adds up the points on their cards and the points achieved by solving the objectives (City Cards) in play at the end of the game.

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Piccolo Seeds

Piccolo seeds packs look like small pocketbooks the size of a chocolate bar, with elegant graphics that made them design objects.
The project, born in 2012, wants to make cultivation a cultural experience accessible to everyone. The contemporary garden discovers a new dimension (a small one, naturally!).

For our online store we have selected three specific multipacks: Herbal Teas, Cocktail Herbs and Liquor Herbs.

The Herbal Teas Deluxe Collection contains 3 seed packets to help you make your own herbal teas. Traditional, warm, healing, at hand.
Traditional, warm, healing, at hand. Growing tips and recipes inside.
Contains peppermint, lemon balm and holy green basil.

The Cocktail Herbs Deluxe Collection contains 3 seed packets to help you grow sophisticated herbs for your homemade cocktails.
Though the classic mojito is made with mint—best with Moroccan Spearmint—you can use other herbs as zinged-up alternatives for this cocktail. Enjoy a tart, herbaceous, refreshing Shiso Mojito, or a relaxing Lemon Balm Mojito to relieve stress after a tough day!

The Liquor Herbs Deluxe Collection contains 3 seed packets to help you make your own home liqueurs. Drink responsibly and enjoy your own private spirits canteen!
Contains anise, absinthe, and common rue.

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