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This Cat Table Gives Your Feline a Seat in the Table
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Japanese online retailer dinos has released a new line of cat furniture and part of their line-up includes this all-natural oak wood table. With a perch underneath and a hole in the middle, it gives your feline friend a seat, right in the middle of the table. Expertly crafted with high-quality wood, the fashionable table is beautiful both with or without your kitty.

The cat table was designed to bridge the gap between pet furniture and human furniture, which often disproportionately serves one or the other. Instead, this table can equally serve both. Of course the power-balance is also clear: when you don’t want your kitty to join, or if it simply has no interest in your affairs, a 16-cm lid seamlessly covers the hole, immediately rendering it a normal table.

Each table is handmade by artisans in Japan and is available in two colors: natural and dark brown. But they don’t come cheap. The made-to-order table comes at a price tag of 159,500 jpy (about $1,500 usd). You can see the entire lineup of dinos’ pet furniture here.

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