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Light Installation in a Plane on the Ground
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Light Installation in a Plane on the Ground

Playmodes and MID, two design studios have collaborated together to create a light installation in a plane that will be placed on the ground. The project is called: the Porta Estel lar (catalan for Star Gate). Their creation offer an interstellar travel in a place structure, that the interior is ornamented of colorful luminous sources, offering a breathtaking show. Visitors take-off for an unknown destination by staying on the ground to watch those breathtaking light installation . Now is exposed in Barcelona, Spain for their annual exhibition Mercé 2015.


LuminousPlace_FeelDesain_01 LuminousPlace_FeelDesain_02 LuminousPlace_FeelDesain_03 LuminousPlace_FeelDesain_04


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