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Kinetic Christmas Tree With Ribbon By We+

Contemporary design studio We+ designed a kinetic Christmas tree with ribbon in MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store. Behind the window that is seven meters tall and seven meters wide, objects with “ribbons,” which is Mikimoto’s design concept for this year, and pearls, a motif for ornaments, are hung to form a…

Beautiful lettering by Tri Shiba

Beautiful lettering by Tri Shiba with a stunning copper ink. Calligraphy came to Shiba by chance. “When I was still a graphic designer, I was given a pretty fancy pen from one of my brothers, which changed the entire my works since then. After that moment, I have chosen Calligraphy as…

A Spanish tropical sushi restaurant designed by Masquespacio

A Spanish tropical sushi restaurant designed by Masquespacio, opened this week in Valencia, Spain. A year ago Mireia contacted Masquespacio. Valencian, almost converted in Brazilian and passionate surfer she had the dream to open the first tropical sushi restaurant in her native city. This way Kaikaya was born, a project…

Mathieu Lehanneur and his metal pipes for Maison Kitsuné

At the New York flagship store of Paris-based fashion and music label Maison Kitsuné, iridescent metal pipes form display railings . French designer Mathieu Lehanneur created the store interior inside a brownstone building at 248 Lafayette Street in Soho, after the brand moved from its location close to Madison Square Park.  The new 1,400-square-foot space showcases…

A series of chairs invade Japanese lake by Hidemi Nishida

Placed on lake Poroto in Hokkaido – northern Japan- Hidemi Nishida studio has recently developed an environmental installation called “Fragile Chairs”. The piece is an extension of the studio’s fragile series, known for engaging aesthetics of space and perceptions of environment, focusing on a primordial experience and making sense the studio’s choice of…

Nendo creates a light made from a single sheet of paper

Nendo creates a torch rolled from a single sheet of conductive paper which can be used in emergency situations. The Paper Torch was designed by the Japanese studio alongside circuit manufacturer AgIC and paper company Takeo.  It’s made from a type of synthetic paper called Yupo, which has been printed with a checkerboard…

Muji Hut, a masterful take on minimalism

Simplicity, masterful attention to detail, and a sense of presence that blends a structure into the natural environment are no easy feats to achieve. The Muji Hut is a structural concert that blends each of these harmoniously without sacrificing on quality or focus.  Its details reveal the same elevation of…

Alphavill | A church imitating nature in Japan

Designed by Kyoto-based firm Alphaville, this church, in Japan’s Mie prefecture, has been completed for the growing catholic population who come to work at Honda’s nearby car factory. It also serves as a gathering and meeting place for the international community. Located in Suzuka city, at the intersection of an old highway…

Animals Hair by Nagi Noda

Nagi Noda was a Japanese pop artist and director born in Tokyo. She worked as a freelance art director and as an artist and fashion designer. She created camapigns for Nike and Laforet and a short film for Panasonic. Noda’s works are defined by artificiality and seriality, balancing between visual…

Offset | Drill Design

The Windsor chair is a design classic, but is somewhat impractical for modern living, as it’s bulky and doesn’t stack. Drill Design, a design studio based in Japan, has redesigned the classic seat and turned it into this minimal thing of beauty. Offset, as it’s called, is made up from…