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Emmanuelle Moureaux’s New Installation to celebrate The Japanese Soft Drink Calpis
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French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux presents a new installation in Tokyo titled ‘Universe of words’. The occasion was the 100 years of the Japanese soft drink calpis.

The installation ‘Universe of words’ immerses visitors in colored pieces of paper suspended from the ceiling, using the full spectrum to compose intimate and thoughtful spaces.

Approximately 140,000 hiraganas – simplest written alphabet in Japanese – compose the installation. The swaying pieces are regularly aligned in three dimensional grids and invite people to wander through the paths that have been cut through the colorful installation.

The installation ‘Universe of words’ coincides with the japanese star festival, Tanabata. In japan, Tanabata day marks a tradition when people write their hopes and dreams on colored pieces of paper and hang them from a bamboo branch in the hope that their wishes will come true.

Architect Emmanuelle Moureaux‘s installation reinterprets this event by floating words throughout the gallery space, in an effort to evoke visitors’ curiosity and emotion.

Emmanuelle Moureaux is a French architect living in Tokyo since 1996. Her representative works include the architectural design for Sugamo Shinkin Bank, “100 colors” art installation series, space design for ABC Cooking Studio and more.

photography:daisuke shima

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