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A series of chairs invade Japanese lake by Hidemi Nishida
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A series of chairs invade Japanese lake by Hidemi Nishida

Placed on lake Poroto in Hokkaido – northern Japan- Hidemi Nishida studio has recently developed an environmental installation called “Fragile Chairs”. The piece is an extension of the studio’s fragile series, known for engaging aesthetics of space and perceptions of environment, focusing on a primordial experience and making sense the studio’s choice of location. The Poroto Lake is occupied by the indigenous people “Ainu” who consider the lake as a sanctuary.

Nishida‘s work composes what appears to be an ordinary view, using visual elements to draw connections that help us internalise thought onto our own existence. This temporary occupation of a series of wooden chairs acts as a metaphor for a field in which humans cannot reach, perhaps alluding to those observed by the Ainu and tourists in the land of Hokkaido.

As a result it can be easily felt, the distance between one’s present existence, that which precedes and the one yet to follow.

Photography by  Hidemi Nishida

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