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Lucio Fontana’s Ambienti at HangarBicocca
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Lucio Fontana’s Ambienti at HangarBicocca

This new exhibition, featured at the Pirelli HangarBicocca’s vast Navate space, allows the public to discover the installations one at a time. As visitors move through and linger within them, they gain a full sense of their groundbreaking significance: the amazing iconic and aesthetic power that makes these works so innovative even today.

The entire exhibition has been developed as the result of research into so far unknown historical documents such as personal letters, architectural plans, photographs, magazine reviews, films and interviews with art historians and Fontana’s collaborators.

Despite the innovation of the artist’s environments, this area of Fontana’s work is not widely known. It is only in recent years that scholars have started extensive research into this aspect of his practice and the show at Pirelli HangarBicocca will be a unique opportunity to see nine Spatial Environments and two environmental interventions reconstructed in full scale and presented together for the very first time.

The show “Ambienti/Environments”, that will be on show until February 25, 2017, has been developed in collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Fontana.


Photography by Agostino Osio

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