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Solstice Clock Expands And Contracts With The Passing Hours

Matt Gilbert of the London-based studio Animaro creates Solstice, a shape-shifting wooden clock. The new interior design object presents different configurations throughout the day, expanding to its widest form at noon when the sun is at its highest point, and contracting at 6 PM when the sun is near its lowest. This meditative…

The open source hardware synth based on Axoloti core

The open source hardware synth, based on Axoloti core, has a stereo output on the back and a built-in full-range 15W speaker. Combined with Axoloti patcher software, a user-friendly and very graphic modular environment, Bivalvia creates effects and sounds using oscillators (from subtractive to FM), filters, modulation, and much more. Simply connect Hultén’s creation to…

“Exploded Chair” are furniture pieces that toy with conventions

“Exploded Chair” are furniture pieces that toy with conventions. Created by Joyce Lin, the series embrace play whilst maintaining functionality. This is, perhaps, nowhere more evident than in her “Exploded Chair“, a piece she designed in her final year at Rhode Island School of Design. This piece takes traditional conception of…

Swedish design firm Stoft Studio creates Canvas Chair

Swedish design firm Stoft Studio creates Canvas Chair, a simple wood chair that’s been designed to easily change the upholstery on the seat. The chair, made from bent Ash wood, works like an embroidery frame, that slides over a piece fabric and tightens to hold it in place and showcase it like a…

Modern meets traditional in this little house in Trin, Switzerland

This modern residence, located on a mountainside in the beautiful Trin village in Switzerland, was recently renovated by Schneller Caminada Architects, who have kept the classic structure of the home while updating it with the wood cladding. This three-story single-family dwelling features a classic silhouette with a light concrete exterior which…

Rising Chair | Robert Van Embricqs

The designer Amsterdam-based designer Robert Van Embricqs developed “Rising chair” following a specific question: is the object you’re creating capable of dictating its own design? Is it even possible for an object to ‘tell’ for which form its best suited? If so, what will the end result be? In the designer’s own words:…

A series of chairs invade Japanese lake by Hidemi Nishida

Placed on lake Poroto in Hokkaido – northern Japan- Hidemi Nishida studio has recently developed an environmental installation called “Fragile Chairs”. The piece is an extension of the studio’s fragile series, known for engaging aesthetics of space and perceptions of environment, focusing on a primordial experience and making sense the studio’s choice of…

“Y” in the Niemelä Tenant Farm

&’ Architects (Emmi Keskisarja & Janne Teräsvirta & Company) in collaboration with the Finnish National Museum have created the installation as an exploration of temporality and the provocative use of wood. The title was borrowed from the mathematical symbol of the unknown, as the temporary structure is designed to stir conversation about what the future holds,…

Pixelated Wood Sculptures

Pixelated Wood Sculptures Carved by Hsu Tung Han In a clash of digital and analogue, artist Hsu Tung Han carves figurative sculptures from wood that appear to be dissolving into fields of pixels. The Taiwanese artist views the carved figures of men and women as puzzles, planning for each configuration…

Wave City Coffee Table | Stelios Mousarris

Designer Stelios Mousarris from Cyprus was inspired by trippy 2010 movie Inception for the design of his Wave City Coffee Table. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll definitely be able to see where his idea came from but even if you haven’t, you’ll still be able to appreciate this unique…

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