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Rising Chair | Robert Van Embricqs
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Rising Chair | Robert Van Embricqs

The designer Amsterdam-based designer Robert Van Embricqs developed “Rising chair” following a specific question: is the object you’re creating capable of dictating its own design? Is it even possible for an object to ‘tell’ for which form its best suited? If so, what will the end result be?

In the designer’s own words: “The foundation of any chair is the flat surface you’ll eventually sit down on. Using this notion as a starting point, I made several cuts in the flat surface and pulled up the different beam-like strands of cut the surface. This created the preliminary but already distinct features of any chair: back, seat and legs. The rhythm of the wooden beams gives the chair an organic shape. The cuts are most visible when the chair is still down. However at that stage of the construction, I still didn’t know what shape the chair would take in the end. This was determined by the various arches of the wooden beams the chair is made up of.”

As the creator, Robert felt a special connection to the material he was working with. Molding the chair into its definitive form, it felt like a special, hard to define partnership between the designer and the material.

Photography by Robert Van Embricqs 

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