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Listen to this Parrot

Over the last few weeks I had the pleasure of testing a beautiful pair of headphones. The Parrot Zik, designed by Philippe Stark are incredible, both aesthetically and from an overall performance stand point.
You can easily get addicted to all the features, amazing sound, wifi capability, the comfort and the touch panel options for answering calls and controlling your 360 degree sound experience…

parrot zik feeldesain orange curve creative studio

I found the wifi option very useful as I was walking around my office and the noise reduction design made it feel like I was definitely removed from anything else. When you want to relax or want to tune out, the Parrot Zik should be a top choice for you. And of course, needless to say, the audio technology is state of the art. By downloading the app on your phone you can adjust and control many setting enabling you to customize your listening experience.


If like us you live in Italy, check out the orange store to learn more about the Parrot Zik or other innovative products you might be interested in.
A product like this one is of course not inexpensive, but worth every penny.

We truly enjoyed our experience.

parrot zik feeldesain orange curve studio


parrot-zik-by-starke-07-450x362 Parrot_Zik_Henri_Seydoux

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