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A chromatic eatsploration for Ovnew restaurants
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A chromatic eatsploration for Ovnew restaurants was created by
Tessa Dóniga Johnson

This project explores a seven universe series of photography for Ovnew restaurant. A restaurant that explores food through an experiential sensory journey with a unique menu that crosses flavors from around different continents.

The key words to follow to create this visual identity were Futurism, Primitive, Neurofood, Arabia, Asia, Amazonia & Europa. Each key word represents one of their food experience in a conceptual direct personification.

The restaurant, under the aesthetic of a spaceship settled on top of the Hesperia hotel Barcelona, encourages his clients to sense food through taste, sound and a visual spectacle. The director Tessa Dòniga Johnson describes her work as “Art, still life and moving images explored through a fragmented particularity. Conceptual and playful minimal and absurd.”

The series encourages the spectator to sense a big bang of flavours through visual taste, human creation and aesthetic food concepts.


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