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High Speed Photography
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High Speed Photography

Peter Schafrick’s high speed photography project explores a new experience by using the centrifugal force to cover toys with paint. The idea behind this concept is pretty awesome, as Peter Schafrick’s project relies on a custom-built machine that is named the Spinster. The Spinster allows rotating the objects and Peter takes high speed photos of the moving objects.

The high speed photography project uses carefully selected toys or toy parts, which he covers in different colors and then attaches to the Spinster machine, which then starts to whirl and throws the paint around due to the centrifugal force.

Peter Schafrick catches those few seconds when the paint is thrown around to get an amazing high speed photography experience. In his project, he tries to apply the technique using different toys and toy parts, as well as various color combinations.

Similar to other high speed photos, you need to freeze moment using a fast shutter speed to be able to get the moving shot. Also, a low aperture lets you receive more light and a shallow depth of field. In his project, Peter uses a background that helps him get a high contrast and a better view of the thrown colors.

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