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Flux | Riccardo Bergadano and Filippo Maisano
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Flux | Riccardo Bergadano and Filippo Maisano

Flux is the first short film by Italian photographer and videomaker Riccardo Bergadano, directed by himself and Filippo Maisano. Filmed in Turin, the video tells the story of a man “facing the biggest challenge in his life, the one against himself” and is narrated by the man’s girlfriend, who uses interesting metaphors to explain the man’s personal struggles. The film, which was shot with a Blackmagic Pocket camera, is at times unsettling but always mesmerising. We won’t ruin it for you – watch it for yourselves below!

FluxTorino_FeelDesain_03 FluxTorino_FeelDesain_0 FluxTorino_FeelDesain_01 FluxTorino_FeelDesain_02

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