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The Art of Doing I Arno Faure
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The Art of Doing I Arno Faure

Arno Faure is the imaginative founder of the Art of Doing — a dynamic project that portraits artists, craftsmen and creative visionaries doing what they love. The online platform and its founder are touring the world of creativity in an effort to rejuvenate and energise people to begin their own artistic journeys. Included in the Art of Doing’s impressive portraiture is a video sketch that evokes a graphic narrative of Meka — a Canadian illustrator and visual designer — while another follows the hard knocks of Augustin — a Montreal-based boxer. Faure aims to inspire audiences to follow their passions through directing them to people who have combated the hypnotic temptation of idleness and mastered the art of doing. His latest feature on circus coaches Jorge and Itzel highlights that doing can be a risky, scary and sometimes exhausting journey, but the means are worth the end. Although he observes his subjects behind the camera, Faure himself is brilliantly talented with a knack for graphic design, directing, and production.

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