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Post-apocalyptic sherpas with “Future Survival Kit”
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Post-apocalyptic sherpas

Post-apocalyptic sherpas with “Future Survival Kit” is a photographic collection designed by Lucy Mcrae.
Los Angeles-based artist Lucy Mcrae has created a future survival kit concept, carrying the entire work on her back for a photoshoot that imagines a post-apocalyptic future.

sherpas by Mcrae

McRae’s work revolves around using the body as a means to speculate on the future. In fact the american artist always refers to herself as a body architect.

She has now imagined the journey of somewhone who has fled reality to start an ad-libbed world, carrying their whole life on the shoulders.
This post-apocalyptic sherpas has just essentials with her. The survival kit includes a variety of bedspreads, pillows and rugs that will give a person comfort for outdoor life. The most strange item is a mask to keep her off from the real world.

lucy mcrae sherpas
survival future kit

“AI, the environment, automation – these themes are destabilishing our cosy lives. I’m not suggesting we exit and permanently retreat, I’m just trying to question how we navigate our future.”
The artist idea is that uncertainty about the future is a helpfull tool for social progression.

lucy mcrae survivor kit

The piece was commissioned by Design Museum of Holon for their “state of extremes exhibition.” Curated by Aric Chen, it analyses the evolution of design in response to the climate and social changes of the last ten years.

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