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Let’s cultivate culture with Piccolo Seeds
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Piccolo seeds packs look like small pocketbooks the size of a chocolate bar, with elegant graphics that made them design objects.

“Piccolo” means small: the collection has 24 mini volumes dedicated to edible plants that just need a pot on the balcony to grow. The idea is to offer special seeds for urban farming.

Piccolo Seeds packaging

Piccolo’s idea

The project, born in 2012, wants to make cultivation a cultural experience accessible to everyone.
In an era when the cultivation of fruit and vegetables at home represents the last frontier of environmental sustainability, the contemporary garden discovers a new dimension (a small one, naturally!).

Piccolo seeds online shop has attracted the attention of important companies in Italy such as Mu.Se of Trento, Salone del Mobile and the Triennale Design Museum, which hosted a hydroponic cultivation installation in partnership with Antonio Scarponi, Bulbolight, and Piccolo.

Piccolo sows happiness!

The 24 varieties have been rediscovered in old plant catalogs and specifically selected for growing in pots.

Seeds carry with them a heritage of biodiversity that is expressed in surprising shapes, colors, perfumes, and aromas.
These nice and precious seeds will grow edible plants suitable for small spaces, ready to give happiness to everyone’s day.

The originality of Piccolo also stays in the colorful packaging made with sustainable and recycling materials.
A design line that, like a living green encyclopedia, collects all the information for the cultivation but also history and curiosity about the plants, suggestions for original recipes and cocktails.

Piccolo Seeds instructions

The Piccolo seeds selection includes funny and rare varieties.
There is the American basil “Mrs. Burns ’Lemon” which is the star in rewarded kitchens and cooking programs: thanks to its special scent of basil and lemon, it is perfect for Mediterranean dishes or summer cocktails.
Another specialty is the beautiful “Thai Pink Egg”, a small seedling of egg-shaped cherry tomatoes with wonderful pink shades.

Edible flowers, spices, fruit and vegetables can be discovered on the Piccolo portal.
Everyone can have a green thumb, just add a little curiosity and love!

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