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#iamnotavirus against racism
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A lot of people around the world have been attacked during the pandemic, just for being Asian.

Racism acts due to Corona Virus

On April 6, a man harmed an Asian American woman by throwing acid on her in Brooklyn. She had second-degree burns on her skin.
In Australia, two students were assaulted for wearing masks. One of them was punched in the face because “you’ve got the virus, go back to your country”.
These are only two of many examples of how racism is spreading everywhere nowadays.

Red Hong Yi against racism with #iamnotavirus

So, the artist Red Hong Yi created portraits of the victims of racial attacks and of people whose voices rose during this period.

#iamnotavirus against prejudice

Corona Virus is not the only danger we are facing: another contagion from which we must defend ourselves is intolerance.
The virus knows no borders; it doesn’t care who you are. Every human is equally endangered.

#iamnotavirus is a series of 10 artworks featuring portraits of 10 Asian personalities rendered in materials she found in her house during the lockdown.

Items such as tea leaves, cake sprinkles, fennel seeds, purple rice, convey a message of equality between populations.

Seeds and rice in particular are symbols of growth and health. We need to cultivate social integration for the collectivity.

I was very hesitant, creating this series on racism. Speaking about race makes me uncomfortable. Also, the world is now hurting, scared, and confused.
However, the more I hear about things like this happening the more I want to take a stance to fight this horrible “disease” that is racism.

Red Hong Yi

Racism affects everyone

This series wants to inspire people to stand up against racial prejudice and intolerant attitudes.
Everyone should try to make a difference in fighting racism in their community. It is everyone’s responsibility for the good of all.
You can post or print these artworks for free and start to make a difference.

Standing up against racism means standing up for everyone no matter their skin colour. Just like how we’re trying to “beat the curve”, we must squash this other curve so we can build a better world for everyone.

Red Hong Yi

Stay strong. Stand up. Have a voice.
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