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A space invader inflatable sculpture at Tongji Design Week
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A space invader inflatable sculpture at Tongji Design Week

Hongtao Zhou, interdisciplinary scholar and artist, uses inflatable installations to penetrate historical buildings during Tongji Design Week in an effort to encourage people to break boundaries in art and design. 

The installation explores the spatial qualities of Shanghai’s old bus repair station, now D&I’s Innovation Field, and Tongji Museum’s historical building by empowering inflatable structures to shoot out, break through, capture and contain entries and spaces.

Zhou‘s inflatable installation animates the inconspicuous space through manipulation, emphasizing changes and creating movements to provoke thought and criticism on the evolving urban environment and the endless desire of space in big cities. The installation respects the historical buildings by doing no physical change, but instead, adds visible air flows to twist, connect, and blend space from both the interior and exterior.

Even if it has a different concept, this work reminds us another inflatable sculpture created a few months ago for the Worcester Art Museum by Shih Chieh Huang.

Photography by Hongtao Zhou


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