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Mirror | Robin Cerutti
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Mirror | Robin Cerutti

The well known photographer Robin Cerutti, based in Montreal, has recently released new pictures gathered under the series name Mirror (a series he started in 2011). Always with the will of creating two parallel worlds, Robin wanted this time to add a work on a subject’s reflection in water, thought in three phases : presentation, deconstruction and abstraction. The water’s surface represent a door to a surreal elsewhere. This series seems to echo with Lewis Caroll’s book, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, when Alice goes into a mirror and discovers another world. What do you think? Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Images credit Robin Cerutti

robincerutti_FeelDesain_01 robincerutti_FeelDesain_02 robincerutti_FeelDesain_03 robincerutti_FeelDesain_04 robincerutti_FeelDesain_05 robincerutti_FeelDesain_06 robincerutti_FeelDesain_07 robincerutti_FeelDesain_08 robincerutti_FeelDesain_09 robincerutti_FeelDesain_10


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