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This umbrella created to be a street lamp by the London industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson has a crystal-covered canopy and allows passers and tourists to leave augmented messages for their friends. Installed on a corner of Old Street in London, the 4.5 metre tall Ommatidium sculpture features 1,500 faceted crystal lenses and is named after the individual parts that make up the compound eyes of many insects. Passersby can look up through the overhanging canopy to see a kaleidoscopic view of the sky above. The sculpture has been positioned to receive maximum sunlight, and casts refracted rainbows onto the street and people that stand beneath. At night the lamp becomes a “gleaming beacon” with LEDs used to light up the canopy. Follow the designer also on Instagram and Twitter

CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_09 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_10 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_11 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_06 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_01 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_02 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_03 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_04 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_05 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_12 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_07 CrystalUmbrella_FeelDesain_08


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