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Large-scale Digital Sculptures By Ken Kelleher

The American Sculptor Ken Kelleher makes large-scale digital sculptures that are imagined in real public spaces. His digital art has giant dimensions and stand in strong contrast to their surroundings of galleries, gardens, and public squares. People can see a continuous between material and form, light and shadow, time and space, and content. “There’s…

Small Shaped Elements Compose A Monolithic Sculpture

Rob Ley Studio created a small shaped elements that compose a monolithic sculpture titled Ambiguous. This piece takes inspiration from the similarities seen when studying various forms that mark the beginning of life. The conceptual approach for this public artwork is based on the Education Center’s interpretive theme that “small things…

Frieze Sculpture’s New Exhibition in London

From July until October 2018, Frieze Sculpture’s New Exhibition set across London’s Regent’s park. The 2018 Frieze Sculpture brings together 25 artists from five continents. Selected and placed by Clare Lilley (director of programme, yorkshire sculpture park) said: ‘last year, our first-ever summer frieze sculpture was a resounding success, with…

Christo unveils his new floating sculpture: “The London Mastaba”

Christo unveils his new floating sculpture: “The London Mastaba” This work is a 20-metre-high sculpture floating on London’s Serpentine Lake, which represents his and late wife Jeanne-Claude’s determination to make art free.  Based on the trapezoid shapes of mastaba, an Arabic word for bench given to Egyptian tombs and seats found outside homes in…

Imaginary Installations That Play With Perception

In the series Pseudo Documentation David DiMichele plays a game with his audience about the perception and reality of installations. He creates huge imaginary installations in which objects are set giving the illusion of large space. The scenes are actually miniature constructions of an installation created by the artist’s intricate…

Large-scale sculptures from Coachella 2018

Large-scale sculptures from Coachella 2018 arise in the middle of the California desert site. Here are some of our favourites:   Etherea by Edoardo Tresoldi Wire mesh forms the blurred outline of three cathedral-like pavilions in this installation by Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi. Ranging in height from 36 to 72 feet (10.9 to 21.9 meters),…

Studio Appétit and Oialla designed “Room Service”

Studio Appétit in collaboration with Oialla designed “Room Service”, a series of chocolate pieces destined to luxury hotel’s customers. Those little chocolates, precisely sculpted, can be engraved with customer’s initials and have the goal to take the lucky tasters into a “sensorial journey”. The Studio Appétit directed this eating experience creating a deluxe…

“Veneration” | A geometric and religious sculpture series

“Veneration” is a geometric and religious sculpture series created by Levi van Veluw . For the exposition at the Galerie Particulière of Paris, the artist-sculptor wanted to offer a new context to his creation. Then, he examined the visual language used in religious contexts and gave birth to a singular dimension through the use…

Previews | A conceptual exhibition by Alan Belcher

Alan Belcher explores an intersection between photography and sculpture, creating artworks he defines as ‘photo-objects’. His ‘_____.jpg’ study approaches the jpeg icon with a manner of directness and humour. The entire exhibition takes the universal jpeg icon and preserves it as a glazed ceramic object. Belcher challenges the ephemeral nature of…

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