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Site-specific Installations That Envisage The Human Mind As A Physical Space
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Site-specific installations by French contemporary sculptor Vincent Mauger. With the use of industrial materials he creates large scale installations that give physical form to psychological spaces.

Sculptor Vincent Mauger takes visual inspiration from computer generated images and combines wood, fabric, tiles, plastic, bricks, and pvc pipes in modular patterns to create a topography that changes the proportions of the space. 

large scale installations mauger

I’m trying to bring together and show the similarities between a concrete construction system and mental reasoning. By using construction material in order to formulate fragments of landscapes, I play with different scales, inviting people to move physically and mentally

Adequate System’ is an artwork built using thousands of sculpted PVC pipes, that aims to question our relationship to space and volume. Not dissimilarly, ‘Super Asymmetry’ is an installation using red bricks where the ground appears to concave downward; thereby morphing into a new form.

After graduating from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris and Angers, Vincet Mauger achieved his formation by a Phd at the National School of Fine Arts of Nantes. His work is mostly composed by sculptures, drawings, videos that intend to materialize what could be a mental space.

Picture by Vincent Mauger

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